Thank you for your support over the past two years. It seems like we just got started and already the re-election is here. Time is flying by! We live in a great city, and with your help we can keep moving Anchorage forward.

Two years ago, I ran on a platform of making Anchorage "Safe, Secure and Strong." Our focus was on public safety, economic and fiscal security, and the ability to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities. We have made good progress on those goals, especially in the face of the external forces like the state fiscal crisis and the opioid epidemic. Today, we have more police, smaller government, and real success overcoming old problems.

When I was elected, the police force had fallen to unsafe staffing levels of 350 officers - today we have 415. In two short years, we reduced the number of homeless people, accelerated the rate of housing construction and partnered in more than $300 million of development projects - which translates to jobs, affordable housing and a better quality of life. We balanced our budgets and improved Anchorage's AAA bond rating. Our innovations are attracting national recognition because we are "Doing Things the Anchorage Way."

I am excited to talk about what we have accomplished and what is yet to come during this upcoming campaign. In the meantime, I will keep doing my job as your mayor. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve, and I look forward to earning your support for my reelection.

Warm regards,


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