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Public Safety

The people of Anchorage have paid a high price as the State scaled back its law enforcement, drug and alcohol treatment services, and mental health support, effects that are exacerbated by the opioid epidemic.  These effects have been compounded because the police department was dangerously understaffed when I took office. Continue reading

Budget Stability, Economic Development and Jobs

As Alaska grapples with the changing role of oil in the economy, and as the state government flails in its efforts to solve the state fiscal crisis, Anchorage has been an island of stability in the storm.  Through prudent management, refinancing and revenue diversification, we have maintained and strengthened our AAA bond rating — which is the highest possible for a municipality and reflects the confidence that financial markets have in our fiscal strength.  Aside from increases to APD, we have reduced the size of government and produced balanced budgets.   Continue reading

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