Anchorage was built on values my wife Mara and I strive to instill in our own children: hard work, grit, and a commitment to making our community a better place.

I am proud of the progress my administration has made over the last three years to make Anchorage a safe, secure and strong community for all its residents, and I look forward to continuing our efforts in order to achieve results that are more lasting and widespread. We have rebuilt the police force, increased the Municipality’s financial stability, and strengthened Anchorage’s position as a globally competitive, culturally vibrant community. Our work is not done.  We have built a foundation and are poised to build to the next level — so that we are a model of how to get things done and are recognized for doing things the “Anchorage Way”.  

I hope I have earned your vote, and thank you for giving me the privilege of serving as your Mayor.